Complete replatform of Conduct Risk Portal to a Ticket of Work system used by the Financial Crime Management division of Westpac to manage a wide portfolio of alerts



Key Challenge

The Financial Crime Management division of Westpac is responsible for detecting and resolving fraud and other misconduct breaches.

With the Conduct Risk Portal (CRP), Westpac required a standardised approach to detecting and resolving fraud and other misconduct breaches, and consistent follow up and closure of alerts, reporting integrity, and a full audit trail.

The stakeholders required an application and workflow to manage a wide portfolio of alerts including (but not limited to):

  • Responsible Lending
  • Conduct Risk
  • Branch Discrepancies
  • Outlier Reporting
  • Our engagement began as a lightweight project to serve a small number of low risk portfolios within the Financial Crime Management division, and over time has grown in use to be the centralised platform for risk management across more than 70 use cases.



    Outcomes Delivered

    The high level of flexibility that the tool boasted quickly became the de-facto standard for risk alerting and workflow, and UserCentric were involved in a joint effort together with Westpac in uplifting the tool to the highest “bank grade” level of application security and performance.

    The system was built with flexibility in mind - allowing Westpac to expand the portfolios that the CRP covers and to design detailed staff workflows without any programming knowledge.

    The system is comprised of the following key components:

  • A data normalisation layer
  • An alert rule definition and generation system
  • A front-end application and database for end users and system administrators
  • The tool allows Westpac to define custom profiles and entitlements to suit their continuously evolving business needs. The end-users of the CRP tool include regular employees, offshore investigators, onshore investigators, team leaders, managers and system administrators.

    Today the Conduct Risk Portal is used daily by approximately 1,500 Westpac Group staff across brands including St George, Westpac, Bank of Melbourne, and RAMS.


    Case Studies

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