Application Development (Web and Mobile)

UserCentric builds mission-critical tools for government and enterprise clients who see digital as their competitive advantage. We leverage a modern best of breed technology stack and new techniques in AI to create world class platforms that power web, mobile and voice apps.

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Modern Front-End Frameworks

The UserCentric team has worked extensively on front-end web development projects specialising in javascript frameworks including React, Vue, Angular and Svelte.
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  • vue
  • angular
  • svelte
  • svelte

Clean code, beautiful design, intuitive usability, reusability and accessibility are all major benefits that come with hiring UserCentric for your project. We build the front-end of a website or web application in a modular way with reusable, single-responsibility components.

Our “React Rocket” proprietary design system comes with a ready made library of front end React components that we can bring Out Of The Box to your project to speed up delivery. These are backed by equivalent headless CMS content models, allowing implementation speed (and therefore cost) improvements of 30-50% on many projects.

If your project requires a mobile app, we have extensive credentials having built or delivered components of mobile apps including Macquarie Bank’s core consumer apps (native), SocietyOne (React Native), Foxtel (native), BeemIt (native), and Home Care Heroes (React Native).


Headless CMS Integration

UserCentric is leading the industry in Australia and New Zealand in the implementation of headless CMS, or “content as a service” platforms.
  • kentico kontent
  • contentful
  • wordpress

According to Gartner, platforms need to include headless content and adopt decoupled architecture to power next-generation sites and applications. UserCentric is a leader in headless CMS implementation, and is one of only 5 global Premium Partners for Kentico Kontent headless CMS. We have presented at numerous Kentico events including their global Kentico Konnections summit. Our recent project for PMCV using Kentico Kontent was a finalist for the Australian Government Digital Awards.

UserCentric offers clients the ability to build platforms that offer comprehensive capability, are based on modern architecture, and put the power to configure business rules, content and application functionality back into the hands of business leaders and non-technical staff.