Digital Strategy

Software is eating the world, and we help your organisation understand how to leverage its power to drive business outcomes. Our strategy methodology begins with a deep understanding of your industry, customers, and competitors, and how new technology can help you win in the digital age.

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We are your partner for innovation delivery

UserCentric partners with scale ups and enterprise customers to chart their growth plans, connect with their customers, and drive value from their technology investments.

We have worked with fast growing technology businesses, as well as larger corporates, to define and roadmap their path to growth, including FluentCommerce, ParcelPoint, CBA, Divvy and Totium Health.

Our core methodology leverages a “venture capital” mindset, preparing the product or venture to scale rapidly by understanding and identifying strengths and weaknesses in the following areas:

  • What is the core problem you are solving?
  • Is the customer value proposition clear? How do you fix the customer problem?
  • What is the “magic”, i.e. the key technology or UX differentiator?
  • What is the go-to-market and how should this be executed?
  • How must the product be priced, packaged, and bundled?
  • What is the fundamental business model? How will it generate margins/profit?
  • How is your product positioned vs the competition?
  • Do you have the team with the right ability to execute?
  • Is there a clear financial ROI from investing?

  • After a digital strategy engagement, our clients have a razor-sharp focus on how to build and grow their digital assets, a clear communications plan internally within their organisation, and a framework for decision making for product, marketing and finance.