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As a quickly emerging technology, AI can seem complex, and it can be hard to understand how your business can leverage these new techniques. UserCentric has helped clients to implement AI solutions for business process automation, to enhance the user experience, and to surface new data-driven insights about their business.


We always lead the conversation with business outcomes, not technology, and work as a trusted partner to understand where AI may or may not be relevant for your strategy, and how to harness AI within a budget that drives a strong ROI.


We have recently implemented open-source libraries that use Natural Language Processing to understand customer intent from written forms, and automatically classify and triage the enquiries to the correct department.


Our solutions have used AI to classify and generate a library of “Next Best Actions” based on what the client knows about the user. These have been used to provide targeted product recommendations for sales people that are far more accurate than a non-targeted conversation.


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